Why Organic Cotton


How do I know if it is organic?

Unlike food, textile products do not have to be certified in order to be described as organic. A product claiming to be organic might only contain a small percentage of organic cotton or may be made of organic cotton but dyed using toxic chemicals which would never been allowed in certified organic products.

In order to be sure a product really is organic from field to finished product, look out for either the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) symbol, the Soil Association symbol or the Organic Exchange symbol. Click on each symbol to learn more.


How can I be sure my clothes have not been dyed, treated or processed with risky chemicals?

Cotton carrying the GOTS or the Soil Association symbol has not only been grown organically, it has been processed organically too. This means that inputs such as dyes and inks have met strict biodegradability and toxicity rules and waste water is treated before it is let out into the environment, protecting local ecosystems and communities.



Information provided by www.global-standard.org